Render Supply Co Acrylic Trowel on Texture 15LT

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Render Supply Co Acrylic Trowel on Texture 15Lt

(Coloured Render)

Introducing the perfect complement to your textured render projects—Render Supply Co Acrylic Trowel on Texture 15Lt, now enhanced for even greater creative possibilities.

Ideal for diffusing the brick pattern while still partially revealing it, this medium cover texture opens up a world of creative possibilities.

Not limited to brickwork, this texture can also be used to add texture to smooth masonry surfaces, providing a visually stunning finish that captivates the eye. Whether you desire a subtle touch or a bold statement, this versatile texture allows you to achieve multiple effects effortlessly.

To further enhance your creative expression, finish with a lambswool hand mitt applicator, sponge, brush, or broom, offering a range of possibilities to suit your aesthetic preferences.

Combine the innovative properties of this texture with the reliability and quality of Render Supply Co Acrylic Trowel on Texture 15Lt for a truly exceptional rendering experience. Achieve bagged render finishes with ease and unlock endless design potential with this powerful duo.

With the ability to apply with a hand mitt, achieving professional results has never been simpler. Elevate your projects to new heights with the seamless integration of this enhanced texture into your render supply arsenal.


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Render Supply Co External Texture Coating

Size:15Lt Pail Coverage: 7-10 m² 

Application: Trowel or roller

Finish: Flat (red render trowel) or medium bagged effect using roller.

Dry Time: Minimum 72 hours with standard conditions

Please advise contractor for sample board.

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Brand NRG
Sheet Length Sheet Size
Sheet Length 1.2m x 2.4
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