Dry Texture 20Kg

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Dry Texture Render 20kg



Insulcon Dry Tex is a 20kg bag factory blended, acrylic render, suitable for application to a variety of building substrates. Note: Insulcon Drytex
must be applied over a Insulcon Render base coat and not be applied directly to any raw substrate.


Surface & Product Preparation

It is imperative that the substrate Insulcon Dry Tex is to be applied to is totally clean and removed of all loose particles, such as dirt, dust, etc. Failure to do so can cause delamination resulting in damage to the finish product. Insulcon takes no responsibility for problems arising from this. In a clean bucket add approx 3 litres of clean water. Then whilst mixing with a mechanical mixer, add contents of Insulcon Dry Tex bag into the bucket.

You may need to add some more Insulcon Dry Tex if you find the mixture to be too wet or add some more water if you find the mixture too dry. A nice paste mix is the desired finish to achieve maximum results, both in finish and application. If the mixture is too wet, it can be very messy and difficult to apply, resulting in hanging too long on the wall, making floating very hard and time consuming. If the mixture is too dry then it will be very difficult to apply as it will not glide on the wall and will tear when floating. This can also have an effect on drying time, resulting in a compromised fast cured product.


When Insulcon Dry Tex is applied according to manufacturers instructions, Insulcon Dry Tex will cover approx 9-10 square metres. Note: These areas may vary depending on applicator ability. Application thickness should be only the thickness of the coarsest aggregate.

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