1. Exterior Architectural Mouldings

    Exterior Architectural Mouldings

    Best Exterior Architectural Mouldings on the Market!

    At Render Supply Co we sell high-quality and competitively priced exterior architectural mouldings.

    Our exterior mouldings are available in a variety of

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  2. How to paint over cement render

    How to paint over cement render

    This article for those who are going to paint over render, and therefore interested in questions related to the choice of paint and the painting procedure.The type and quality of paint affects the exterior appearance and durability.

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  3. The main types of insulation for the roof and walls

    The main types of insulation for the roof and walls

    Australian manufacturers offer many solutions for the insulation houses. How to choose insulation for the house, which can be called the best solution in a particular situation? It is necessary to start from the specifics of a construction material, its advantages and disadvantages.

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  4. How To Choose House Render Colour Scheme?

    How To Choose House Render Colour Scheme

    Rendering a house’s exterior does the job of creating a barrier against the elements. Though its purpose is to provide a shield to the exterior walls, it doesn’t mean you can’t play with the colors for giving your exterior a statement look.

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  5. Render and cladding tools

    Render and cladding tools

    All Render and cladding tools tools are divided into the following groups, depending on the role performed in the process.

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  6. Choosing exterior wall finishes

    Choosing exterior wall finishes

    Render is one of the most popular methods of finishing facades. Its popularity is due to its ease of execution, affordability and a wide choice of texture options. This type of finish is versatile - it can decorate both a private house and an office building. In this article, we will consider what types of render are suitable for finishing the outside of the house.

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