Abrasive Foam Rasp Pad 160 x 380 mm

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Abrasive Foam Rasp Pad 160 x 380 mm

Abrasive Foam Rasp Pad 160 x 380 mm is an essential tool for anyone working with polystyrene panels and blocks. Designed for shaping and shaving EPS polystyrene, this coarse metal pad ensures durability and efficiency, making quick work of foam regardless of its density.

Perfect for various applications, this rasp pad is particularly handy for installing window infills with irregular shapes, exterior cladding with foam panels, and even creating props or backdrop sets. The semi-rubber grip handle provides comfort during extended use, and the perforated holes make cleanup easy with a hard bristle brush and blower to remove any excess polystyrene.

Key Features:

  • For Shaving EPS Polystyrene Blocks or Panels: Ideal for a wide range of foam shaping tasks.
  • Coarse Pad: Ensures quick and efficient shaving of polystyrene.
  • Semi-Rubber Grip Handle: Provides a comfortable and secure grip.
  • Perforated Holes: Facilitate easy cleanup and maintenance.
  • Size: 380mm x 160mm


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