25 mm XPS Foam Panel

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Features & Applications

  • Durable and sturdy for long lasting applications
  • Australian made and manufactured
  • Lightweight and easy to handle
  • Environmentally friendly – HCFC free
  • High compressive strength
  • KPA rating that exceeds BCA regulations
  • Low moisture absorption
  • Complies with Australian Building Standards AS1366.4
  • Long term retained R-values
  • Extruded polystyrene

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Styroboard XPS 25mm 600mm X 2400mm

Robust & resilient XPS for superior thermal performance.

Extruded polystyrene



Styroboard XPS by RSC has become the material of choice for home builders, specifiers, architects and engineers due to its high compressive strength and superior thermal performance.

While expanded polystyrene offers greater flexibility and versatility, extruded polystyrene provides higher long-term R-values and thermal performance. A resilient and robust construction material, Styroboard XPS can be used across a range of building and construction applications – both residential and commercial.

When insulation comes into contact with water it can have an adverse effect on its ability to thermally insulate; but when faced with extreme weather conditions, Styroboard XPS still preserves its thermal and physical properties thanks to its high-density cell structure, making it practically impervious to water.

Dimensionally stable, organically inert and moisture resistant, Styroboard XPS meets a number of key requirements in structural and civil engineering. With superior compressive strength and higher, long-term R-Values Styroboard XPS is suitable for use on floors subjected to engineered loads and constant traffic, as well as insulation for inverted roofs, rooftop gardens, parking decks and as commercial purlin roof spacers.


Fire Properties

All Styroboard XPS products are manufactured from a fire-retardant raw material and do not present as a fire hazard when correctly installed. Like other organic materials, polystyrene will burn when in contact with a flame, but it will self-extinguish when the fire source is removed.


Environmental Properties

Produced with no refrigerants and free from HCFCs, Styroboard XPS is a truly green building product. With Styroboard XPS you can limit external temperature influences, reduce internal temperature fluctuations, and in turn, reduce the need for mass air-conditioning and electricity consumption. Maintaining thermal consistency means less energy is consumed, which leads to fewer greenhouse emissions.



Min. Compressive Strength
(measured parallel to rise)
2% 10% Yield Testing Method
25mm Sheet On request > 250kPa n/a AS-2498.3//ASTIM D1621
30mm Sheet On request > 250kPa n/a AS-2498.3//ASTIM D1621
40mm Sheet On request > 300kPa n/a AS-2498.3//ASTIM D1621
50mm Sheet > 230kPa > 350kPa > 300kPa AS-2498.3//ASTIM D1621
60mm Sheet > 240kPa > 350kPa > 400kPa AS-2498.3//ASTIM D1622
75mm Sheet > 210kPa > 350kPa > 400kPa AS-2498.3//ASTIM D1621


Thickness R-Value K-Value Testing Method
25mm 0.81R 0.031 AS-2464.5//ASTM C518
30mm 0.97R 0.031 AS-2464.5//ASTM C518
40mm 1.29R 0.031 AS-2464.5//ASTM C518
50mm 1.52R 0.033 AS-2464.5//ASTM C518
60mm 1.82R 0.033 AS-2464.5//ASTM C519
75mm 2.27R 0.033 AS-2464.5//ASTM C518





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