Statewall Render EPS 20Kg

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Statewall Render EPS 20Kg


Render must be the StateWall pre-blended polymer modified cement render,
suitable for mixing with mortar immediately before use to provide a smooth
trowelable paste.
Minimum Requirements: Base Coat; Mesh; Base Coat; Texture Coat; Sealant around
openings; Weatherproof TopCoat.
Sealant must be an acrylic based texture coating suitable for external application
over cement rendered surfaces. Coating must consist of an acrylic external coating
system, applied according to the manufacturer's instructions.
Complying product: Proprietary systems compliant with the above specification
above are deemed suitable.


  • High bond strength, medium grade cementitious render for application to low porosity surfaces.
  • High polymer modification for excellent bond strength
  • Just add water
  • Factory blended for optimum consistency
  • Excellent durability 
  • Improved wokability and application properties
  • Will not go drummy like traditional sand and cement renders
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