How To Choose House Render Colour Scheme

Render color creates a first impression of a house. Though its purpose is to provide a shield to the exterior walls, it doesn’t mean you can’t play with the colors for giving your exterior a statement look. The surrounding weather conditions greatly influence your choice of the building material. You can go with concrete, bricks, or tiles to render your façade for summer. Luckily, render material, unlike other materials, is available in several color combinations, making it a versatile option for external cladding. How To Opt For The Right Render Color For Your Home? Here, before going into the depth of the individual color scheme, we want to shed light on some of the important things that are essential to discuss. We are sure that they will help you narrow your search down while going through the list of colors.

1. Contrast

When you choose two colors that belong to different segments on the color wheel yet complement each other, it’s the true definition of contrasting colors. Contrasting colors to paint walls never go out of style. Therefore, it gives you a plus point for getting a timeless scheme. However, if you are not good at choosing the right pair of contrasting colors, we would suggest you take the advice of an expert. You can also opt for different materials on walls standing side by side to give them an edgy appearance.

2. Traditional

A conventional color palette saves you always when you fail to pick the perfect color for your external cladding. These colors are in a tradition that means your façade is not going to look outdated anytime soon. That’s the reason that people often love to prefer them over others for saving them from a back-breaking selection process.

3. Trendy

Picking renders material shades from a trendy color palette will help you have a modern-day appeal. There is a significant majority of people who love to stay on-trend, whether it’s about fashion or façade. Even though trendy colors give an ultimate pop to your house's exterior, a time will come when they won't feel desirable anymore. Therefore, if you are going with any trendy render colors, you should prepare yourself to switch to a different scheme after a certain time.

4. Personal Inventory

Sometimes, your personal inventory is so outstanding that it can outclass all the options discussed above. If you are confident about your individual style or preference, you won't need any professional to help you in the selection process. You can do it on your own with more perfection. Since the color options are limitless for rendering, it will be easier to present your dominating and unique color scheme.

5. Get Inspiration From Our Color Palette

Each color scheme defines your taste distinctively. Therefore, it’s crucial to pick the right one wisely. Let’s see what unique and modern ideas we have rounded up to upgrade your house’s exterior and bring life to your property. Please check out texture range.

6. Go For Neutral Hues

Pastel and neutral hues are getting all hype for exterior house rendering. Therefore, you don’t always have to go for a bold color scheme to enhance the house’s exterior. Peach, lavender, mint green, light yellow, and blue are a few of those that you can opt for a decent yet attractive finish.

7. White Brings Elegance and Light

Do you want your house to stand out in a lane? Bright white is the color you should choose from the myriad of color schemes. It gives off a simple, fresh, and elegant look. Moreover, you can get some outdoor plants placed alongside a white render that won’t let the passersby go unnoticed.

8. Be Bold

Is the interior scheme not vibing anymore with your current façade’s color? Maybe it’s high time to make the right decision. Why not replace the previous, outdated color with a bold and vibrant tone? There are enough options available in this dark render color palettes to transform your exterior walls from dull to dramatic.

9. Two-Tone

Playing with colors to create an aesthetic combo is a daring act. But, if you successfully managed to find an ideal two-tones option, you are going to love it. Two-tones have always been a favorite color scheme when you are confused between your two favorite colors. There are different options, such as you can mix lighter and darker shades of the same color or may contrast two complementing colors. It is also a smart move to make the splits and division lines come to the surface.

10. Enjoy The Warmth of Earthy Tones

Arriving back to a cozy home after a tiring day brings comfort and peace to you. While looking at this earthy scheme, you will be relieved at first sight. It brings warmth and texture to your façade, giving it a subtle touch. Some More Tips Besides everything we have shared above, there are some more features that need your attention.

  • Do you want to match your interior scheme with the exterior one?
  • Is there any window opening outside that you should consider changing the color of?
  • Is the driveway going to affect your desired color scheme?
  • Are there other features like the front door, letterbox, or portico that you want to highlight with a backdrop theme?
  • Do you have a garden, garage, or play area associated with the yard that should be highlighted?

11. Contemporary Colors

Below are some contemporary and classic colorbond colors commonly used on modern style new builds in Australia based on the colour matching of roofs, down pipes, gutters and windows.

Summing-up A significant population wants DIY methods for rendering their house themselves. However, to end up with a perfect finish, you must have some essential render tools. They will help you in getting the job done flawlessly. Render Supply Co offers wide range of render tools at fair prices.